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From Good Intentions to Real Change: How Step Up Helps Organizations Uproot Bias
Floyd's murder demanded real change, but traditional diversity efforts fall short. Enter Step Up: Equity Matters. Their Uprooting Bias Challenge assesses & trains employees for lasting DEI change. Measure readiness, provide personalized learning, & build capacity. See how Slipstream transformed their culture & ditch the "spaghetti approach." Ready? Contact Step Up today!
Unlearning Bias, Building Belonging: Beyond Diversity Training to DEI
Been there, done that: the yearly D&I training that feels more like a box-checking exercise than real learning. For Tania, that wasn't enough. She spent years studying and building a better approach at Step Up: Equity Matters. This post dives into the key differences between the traditional D&I approach and a more impactful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) model.
A Message to White Leaders: Connecting George Floyd with your Daily Work
George Floyd’s murder was not an isolated incident and it is not disconnected from you.
Linking Emotions to Equity
Last month, Step Up cofounder Amy Kesling had the opportunity to participate in a weeklong emotional intelligence training from the global EQ leader, Six Seconds.
Beyond "Unbiased Hiring": Owning Your Biases for a More Inclusive Process
Forget the myth of "bias-free" hiring. Instead, recognize and work with your biases for a more inclusive approach. This blog explores the dangers of overcorrection and the importance of open communication with your hiring team. Learn how embracing your biases, not eliminating them, can lead to better hiring decisions and a more welcoming workplace culture.
Navigating the Boardroom: The Unseen Challenges of Being the Only Person of Color
Leading a board can be exciting, but navigating the space as the only person of color presents unique challenges. This blog explores the unseen pressures, from feeling invisible to carrying the burden of representation. It also offers actionable steps for organizations to build a more equitable and inclusive boardroom, fostering the full potential of every member.
Unpacking Diversity, Inclusion, Equity, and Belonging
Feeling lost in the world of DEI (Diversity Equity, and Inclusion)? You're not alone! Dive deep into the distinct meanings and nuances of these terms, often used interchangeably but carrying crucial differences.
Microaggressions: The Papercuts That Leave Scars
Feeling like the office "hostess" despite your actual job title? You're not alone. This post shines a light on the subtle yet harmful microaggressions women often face in the workplace, highlighting their impact on stress, anxiety, and belonging. We dive into common examples like "Where are you really from?" unpacking their underlying biases and harm. Remember, even seemingly innocent comments can be papercuts that accumulate, leaving deep scars.
Harmonizing Voices: Navigating Bias in Interviews for a Diverse Workforce
Imagine judging someone's talent without seeing them. The Voice does it, highlighting hidden potential. But in real-life interviews, biases like accent and speed can hold back talented candidates. Discover strategies to create a fairer hiring process and unlock true potential.
Beyond "Color Blind": Navigating Unconscious Biases in Your Network
Ever encountered a colleague who proudly declares they're "color blind"? It's a common phrase, but does it truly reflect equality? This blog explores how, despite diverse networks, unconscious biases can still creep in, impacting how we interact with colleagues. Learn how to respond to "color blind" statements with curiosity and understanding, and explore resources to equip yourself for conversations that challenge biases and promote inclusivity.