Believing in Equity Isn't Enough. Take Action.

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The Gap Between Belief and Action:

Many organizations express a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). They may have signed statements, created diversity councils, or even held training sessions. Yet, true systemic change often remains elusive. The gap between believing in equity and practicing it at every level persists.


Many organizations believe in equity, but struggle to translate that belief into concrete action.

Here are some common challenges organizations face:
  • Unconscious bias: Implicit biases pervade organizational structures and decision-making, unintentionally disadvantaging certain groups.
  • Lack of accountability: Vague promises or one-time initiatives fail to create lasting change. Leaders may not be held accountable for driving progress.
  • Disconnected systems and policies: Policies and practices, from recruitment to performance evaluations, may contradict stated DEI goals.
  • Resistance to change: Fear, discomfort, or lack of understanding can create opposition to necessary changes.

We empower organizations to bridge the gap between belief and action, creating a systemic shift toward equity.

Our comprehensive approach addresses the root causes of inequity and helps you translate aspirations into action.

Our Framework:
  • Assessment & Baseline Development: We conduct a thorough analysis of your current state, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement. We use data, interviews, and focus groups to build a clear understanding of your unique challenges and opportunities.
  • Strategy Planning & Implementation: We partner with you to co-create a customized DEI strategy aligned with your organizational goals and values. We identify leading practices, prioritize actions, and develop a roadmap for implementation.
  • Training & Development: We provide targeted training programs that equip your leaders and employees with the knowledge, skills, and tools to embed equity into their daily work.
  • Advising & Coaching: We offer ongoing support through coaching, advising, and facilitation, ensuring accountability and providing guidance throughout your journey.

Building an Inclusive Culture: Slipstream's Success Story with Step Up

‍Slipstream, a Madison-based energy efficiency firm, began working with Step Up because it wanted to build momentum into its work toward a more inclusive culture. Frank Greb, Slipstream's president and CEO says Step Up: Equity Matters is "essential" to Slipstream's efforts.

Lyra Trapp, Slipstream's Chief People Officer, says Step Up's virtual tools have allowed the company to measure where employees are in their journey on DEI work, from those ready to tackle the implications of their white privilege to those who did not know the definition of microaggressions. "It's allowed us to see where we can make the most impact," Trapp says.

Step Up helped Slipstream get organized and focused and find a sense of purpose. They tailored their approach to the organization so it could get real work done, says Marge Anderson, the firm's Executive Vice President. "I feel more optimistic and positive about lasting, persistent change because of this approach."

How We Achieve Real DEI Change

By partnering with us, you can expect:

A systemic approach to addressing inequity:

We move beyond surface-level solutions to tackle the root causes of bias and injustice.

Accountable leadership:

We equip your leaders to champion change and hold themselves and others accountable for progress.

Culturally competent workforce:

We foster a culture of understanding, respect, and belonging, where everyone feels valued and included.

Measurable results:

We track progress and measure impact, ensuring your DEI efforts are driving positive change.

Take the first step towards building a more equitable and inclusive future.