Join the movement for workplace equity.

We create innovative and engaging learning experiences that produce inclusive, equitable, and diverse workplaces.

Focused on how individual and institutional biases are formed and, in turn, affect the workplace, Step Up provides a framework for positive change.


Every person has value

Each person has value to contribute and we must address barriers and historical factors that have led to unfair conditions for marginalized populations.


Diverse talent pools are stronger

Organizations and countries that tap into diverse talent pools are stronger and more efficient.


Reflect your diverse customer base

Organizations will better serve their customers if they reflect the diversity of their market base.


Diverse teams lead to better outputs

Mathematical modeling & case studies show diversity leads to increased productivity; diverse groups of problem solvers outperform groups of the ‘best’ individuals at solving problems.

Commit to creating equity for all

Your attitude and perspective make your world what it is. Commit to taking the steps necessary every day to create an equitable society.

Take the Pledge


Highly interactive, customized trainings, with a mix of presentation, facilitated group discussion, games, and solo reflection time. All workshops are available online or in-person.

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Culture Consulting

You want to create an inclusive, respectful, and innovative workplace culture that promotes equitable outcomes. Work with Step Up to advance your goals.

Step Up Your Org

Online Challenge

Uprooting Bias

Deepen your ability to recognize, own, and disrupt biases to foster inclusive and equitable workplaces


A 9-day fitness challenge to work your equity muscles


Grow your team’s ability to create more equitable and inclusive organizations

Equity Accelerator

We're launching an interactive, blended-learning diversity, equity, and inclusion training program this March.

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Who knew learning how to have Brave Conversations could be so enjoyable? This workshop was eye-opening, educational and very well run. Thank you!


Until we start talking about it...

We can read about bias, diversity, equity, but until we start talking about it – together – we’ll never be a just & equitable city.

John Donne

Tangible tools

The workshop gave me tangible tools to evaluate biases I may have in the workplace. I would recommend this session to any professional.

Jane D.

Dynamic and challenging

A dynamic and challenging workshop that lets us think about our biases in an environment that promotes animated discourse.

BoB E.