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Aissa Olivarez, Esq.

Advisor, Coach, Lead Facilitator

Aissa Olivarez is an immigration attorney and a powerful advocate for eliminating bias in the courtroom and in the classroom. She offers invaluable perspectives for leaders and policymakers seeking to make systemic change, drawn from her experiences working as a bilingual teacher in her native Texas and representing children detained at the U.S.–Mexico border. She most recently served as managing attorney for the Community Immigration Law Center (CILC) in Madison, Wisconsin, providing deportation defense. As an advisor and facilitator for Step Up: Equity Matters, she is focused on raising equity in our country’s most important institutions. As a guest speaker, she shares key insights with bar associations and other professional legal groups on how to effectively build a more diverse workforce and about the experiences of BIPOC attorneys navigating the profession. As a former educator, she is passionate about closing the school-to-prison pipeline and ensuring that more kids have teachers who look like them.