From Good Intentions to Real Change: How Step Up Helps Organizations Uproot Bias

Floyd's murder demanded real change, but traditional diversity efforts fall short. Enter Step Up: Equity Matters. Their Uprooting Bias Challenge assesses & trains employees for lasting DEI change. Measure readiness, provide personalized learning, & build capacity. See how Slipstream transformed their culture & ditch the "spaghetti approach." Ready? Contact Step Up today!

Unlearning Bias, Building Belonging: Beyond Diversity Training to DEI

Been there, done that: the yearly D&I training that feels more like a box-checking exercise than real learning. For Tania, that wasn't enough. She spent years studying and building a better approach at Step Up: Equity Matters. This post dives into the key differences between the traditional D&I approach and a more impactful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) model.