Conversation Tools

Educate someone on why changing behavior leads to a more inclusive environment or let someone know that their behavior is unacceptable or harmful. This guide will arm you with helpful responses for calling in and calling out.


Coaching for DEI

Developing an organization’s collective capacity to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion requires a multi-pronged approach that incorporates an overarching strategy, updates to formal policies and processes, organization-wide learning and development, and individual action plans. That’s where you, the coach, come in.


Culture Iceberg Facilitation Guide

The Culture Iceberg is the representation of the different levels of culture that contribute to the overall culture of the organization.


Investing In Latinx Talent

Leading Advancement of the Latinx Labor Force

Step Up: Equity Matters, in partnership with the Latino Professionals Association of Greater Madison (LPA), performed a two-year in-depth analysis to understand LPA members' experiences in the workplace and develop a framework to guide industries, institutions, and policymakers in fostering the growth of our workforce.

As we reviewed the results of our survey, three specific themes emerged:

  • Educational attainment remains a concern and barrier for the Latinx community's employability in jobs of the future
  • Career advancement for the Latinx community remains elusive, and many see a lack of fairness in promotional opportunities
  • Workplace culture falls short of truly valuing the Latinx experience, skills, and knowledge; and impacts our members' well-being

We offer our report as starting ground for industry, policymakers, and our creative community to rally behind a collective plan that secures long-term economic recovery and mobility for Latinx and Wisconsin.