Gautam is a dynamic professional who is passionate about entrenching equity, inclusion, and diversity into business practices. He believes that true change occurs when employees are empowered to self-advocate, and systems are built with equity, justice, and access in mind.

With over a decade of human resources and customer service experience, he approaches consulting with a solutions-oriented mindset to discover root causes. He seeks to build relationships with clients through inquiry and working toward delivering on their needs, ensuring context-informed solutions. As a facilitator, he bridges personal experiences with leading research to build participants’ confidence, courage, and compassion to share their own stories while encouraging one another to lead to more sustainable growth.

Throughout his tenure at the UW-Madison, Gautam assisted a wide variety of educational and administrative departments to recruit, onboard, and retain diverse talent teams. He served on campus-wide functional groups advising on policy implementation, ensuring that the conversation was centered on balancing compliance and employee advocacy. He also advised on and implemented workflows to operationalize equity by empowering employees to find new definitions of success in large bureaucratic environments and bring their true authentic selves to work.

Gautam earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh and his MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business. He never met a dog he didn’t like.

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