Carolina Bailey


Carolina Bailey is a language instructor.  She has earned her graduate degrees in Colombia (native country), France and the US.  She is actively participating in an initiative to help improve the environment for diverse populations in academic settings.  Carolina believes that it is very important to have an open mind in order to accept and value people with different cultural, economic, and educational backgrounds because these differences enrich the ecology of workplaces as well as of the community.  In Colombia, she worked for high crime area schools with populations that were not welcome in their own communities.  Here, she learned to appreciate that everyone deserves a second chance in life since we all have something wonderful to offer.  This pushed her to seek opportunities in academic settings to help underrepresented students succeed.  Now, her interest is in using these skills in order to foster a welcoming environment in the workplace.  Carolina is a member of the Latino Professional Association, and she is a mentor for the Students of Color Mentoring Program, as well as a member of the Diversity and Community Relations Council at Madison College.