We conduct individual team member assessments on strengths, work styles, and Emotional Intelligence to create a team profile that we share as part of the kick-off. In addition to the team's profiles, we also conduct training to ensure team members have a basic level understanding of how to engage in the process in an inclusive and equitable manner. 

Once we have set up the team for success, we start the strategic planning process by gaining alignment and commitment to the organizational Mission, Vision, and Purpose (MVP). Our approach to mission, vision, and purpose is to ensure that throughout the process we are helping team members connect to the collective vision and gain alignment on how best to achieve the vision. 

After the MVP is clear and well established within the team, we facilitate the team's goal setting. We ground ourselves on the theory of the 4 Disciplines For Execution to ensure the goals are aspirational and realistic. We help team members identify where they can take action and increase their impact. 

The last part of our process is to conduct detailed work plan sessions to help the organization create a workable road map that takes into consideration resources and feasibility of implementation. We support the organization by conducting monthly reviews of the plan helping all team members stay connected to the commitments made by the organization. 

Organizational Assessment

An in-depth review of policies, processes and practices

Training & Development

Develop shared language and a framework

Advising & Coaching

Continuing support for DEI initiatives


Virtual training for hybrid workforces