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Create an inclusive, respectful, and innovative workplace culture that promotes equitable outcomes with Step Up: Equity Matters.

A business is only as strong as its people. We believe that responsive, customized, need-based training makes the difference between a good workforce and a great one.

Studies prove that ongoing professional development is the single most crucial factor in recruiting and retaining quality employees. Our solutions include a wide range of topics, from helping managers take on greater responsibilities to helping key leaders set realistic and measurable goals. Learn how to give timely and constructive feedback, communicate effectively, facilitate meetings, coach employees, and manage your teams' performance.


Make an impactful change with our 3-Year Organizational Transformation Strategy


Assess & Analyze

Guided by Step Up's Equity Maturity Model (the model), we assess where your organization is on its DEI journey. Equity exists in a continuous cycle, and through the model, we measure the organization's ability to embed equity in its strategy, operations, and culture.

The five domains the model measures include:

Talent Strategy, Management, and Development
Client Strategy, Outreach, and Service
Brand, Marketing, and Communications
Vendor Strategy, Outreach, and Experience

Ideation & Planning

We utilize information drawn from Phase 1 to align your organization's mission, vision, and purpose. We co-create visioning pathways with a Theory of Change (TOC) process and the Technology of Participation (ToP®) group facilitation methods developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs and perfected in organizations and communities worldwide over the past 40+ years.


Implementation & Sustainability

Phase 3 focuses on executing a strategic action plan that creates accountability, supports stakeholders, and expands your organization's influence to center DEI policies and practices. During this phase, we will focus on knowledge sharing and learning.

The strategic action plan includes:
  • Communication tools to empathize the need for change
  • Processes to collect constructive feedback
  • Guides for individuals to understand their place in change
  • Learning curriculum and training plans
  • Coaching informed strategies and tactics for managing and supervising

Evaluation & Adjustment

Equity in evaluation requires a shift in how learning and accountability are viewed and practiced. Evaluation is rooted in defining, describing, and analyzing the world based on a history informed by white, Western culture values and experiences. As a result, many of the policies, practices, and interventions seen as effective developed through an incomplete lens. We reframe existing evaluation methodologies and shift towards more equitable practices that value the knowledge and wisdom communities bring to the process. We adapt, redesign, and reimagine policies, strategies, and ways to allocate resources, including voices that reflect the assets and needs of those experiencing the most disparate outcomes.

We begin with key questions:
  • Who is the evaluation for?
  • Processes to collect constructive feedback
  • What are the ways in which learning is taking place?
  • What are the small or early changes they are making in their day-to-day work and lives that show the adoption of new ways of thinking and ways of doing?

Customize Your Strategy

If a three-year engagement isn't right for you at this time, explore our other options to support your organization's growth and learning.


Training & Development

Organizational leaders and staff will examine and understand the context, culture, and stakeholders they serve through an equity lens.

Organizational Assessment

We establish a baseline and determine priority areas for diversity, equity, and inclusion work within your organization.


Interactive, virtual blended-learning diversity, equity, and inclusion training programs.

Workshops & Labs

Led by expert facilitators, workshops and labs allow professionals to explore various topics focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Advising & Coaching

Guidance and expertise on policies, best practices, interpersonal relationship navigation, inclusive behaviors and competencies, and more.

Inclusive Hiring Strategy

Discover how to make your hiring process a welcoming, respectful introduction to your company for all candidates.

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