Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment

In the Organizational DEI Assessment, we conduct an in-depth review of policies, processes and practices that have a high impact on the employee experience. The review is performed to support the strategic planning process and to identify changes that can be made to integrate inclusivity into the organization.

The Organizational DEI Assessment includes:
  • Project management, including bi-weekly meetings
  • Review of organizational documents and practices
  • Focus groups and 1:1 interviews
  • Uprooting Bias Online Challenge for staff
  • Summary of findings including strengths and opportunities for growth
  • Recommendations on initiatives 

The organizational assessment can be completed within six months and it is great for organizations that are either starting their journey or need to revamp their efforts. 

Our practice is measured:

Documents Review
Review of relevant organizational policies and documents, stakeholders surveys
  • Assesses equity in policies and processes
  • Identifies biases
  • Creates friction in the process to address inequities
1:1 Interviews
1:1 discussion with Executive Team, and a selected mid-level management.
  • Assesses the Executive Team’s inclusive leadership capabilities
  • Uncovers the leaders’ scope of influence
Focus Groups
Employee focus groups by dimension of identity.
  • Highlights employee experiences and ability to embed equity in their roles
  • Identifies what has worked and what can be improved
Uprooting Bias Challenge
Microlearning assessment of employees cognitive and emotional readiness to practice equity. 
  • Measures organizational commitment 
  • Assesses employees cognitive and emotional readiness
  • Measures employee experience
  • Provides information on employee perspectives on equity and equality
D&I Initiative Review
Microlearning assessment of employees cognitive and emotional readiness to practice equity. 
  • Assesses organization’s ability to prioritize based on impact

Customize Your Strategy

Explore our other options to support your organization's growth and learning.

Strategy Planning & Implementation

Team development and training to ensure all team members can participate and contribute equitably through the process.


Training & Development

Organizational leaders and staff will examine and understand the context, culture, and stakeholders they serve through an equity lens.

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Interactive, virtual blended-learning diversity, equity, and inclusion training programs.


Workshops & Labs

Led by expert facilitators, workshops and labs allow professionals to explore various topics focused on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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Advising & Coaching

Guidance and expertise on policies, best practices, interpersonal relationship navigation, inclusive behaviors and competencies, and more.

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