Believing in equity isn't enough.

Closing the gap between believing in and practicing equity at every level is imperative for true systemic change.

Every person has value.

Each person has value to contribute, and we must address barriers and historical factors that have led to unfair conditions for marginalized populations.

Diverse teams lead to better outcomes.

Mathematical modeling & case studies show diversity leads to increased productivity; diverse groups of problem solvers outperform groups of the ‘best’ individuals at solving problems.

Reflecting the customer base is good business.

Organizations will better serve their customers if they reflect the diversity of their market base.


Equity-focused solutions for everyone.


Training for all levels of your organization, anywhere.

There has never been a more critical time to commit to building inclusive organizations. Our online, and blended learning programs offer the convenience of asynchronous participation and virtual live training for hybrid workforces.

Uprooting Bias Online Challenge

Measure employee readiness while also providing basic DEI training.

Uprooting Microagressions Online Challenge

Explore the real impact that microaggressions have on employees, teams, and entire companies.

Equity Accelerator

Establish a shared understanding of team strengths and areas for growth.

Real Stories

Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace and the world.



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