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Think of it as a fitness challenge to work your equity muscles.

Each day for 9 days, you’ll receive a challenge to deepen your ability to recognize, own, and disrupt biases to foster inclusive and equitable workplaces. Subscribe above to start the Challenge!

How does the challenge work?

Subscribe above and you’ll receive daily email prompts for 9 days to complete short challenges. Most challenges will take 5-15 minutes.

What kinds of activities are included?

Prompts will include self reflection, quizzes, videos, and other interactive content.

How will I access the challenges?

Each Challenge prompt will be delivered by email. To engage in the activities, you’ll use Mentimeter, an online engagement platform that works great on desktops, tablets, and smart phones. There will also be some external links to videos and articles. You don’t need any special apps to participate.

Who will see my responses?

Most prompts include online sharing as a way to process the concepts. Only the Step Up administrators will see individual responses connected to names. After each prompt, anonymous responses will be visible to others participating in the challenge.


Uprooting Bias: Online Challenge For Teams

Grow your team’s ability to create more equitable and inclusive organizations with an online challenge designed to encourage intentional individual action and increase group understanding.


Great For

  • Leadership Teams
  • D&I Committees
  • Change Teams
  • Entire Organizations

What's Included

  • Custom delivery schedule
  • Anonymized results shared with team leader(s)
  • Group discussion prompts
  • Personalized recommendations for next steps upon completion
  • Optional text reminders for participants

Equity Accelerator

We're launching an interactive, blended-learning diversity, equity, and inclusion training program.