Equity Accelerator

The Step Up Equity Accelerator is a 5-part, synchronized blended-learning diversity, equity, and inclusion skill-building program.

Whether you're brand new or experienced in DEI principles, the Equity Accelerator will challenge you to re-examine your approach to DEI.

This team development learning experience will equip you to accurately assess where people are in their journey, effectively help others make progress in practicing equity, and authentically share the journey.

In addition, the Accelerator teaches practical skills, model behaviors and strategies that you can deploy within your organization, and assess your team's capabilities to implement DEI initiatives.To establish a shared understanding of team strengths and areas for growth, the Accelerator includes several self-assessments compiled into a comprehensive team profile.

Assessments include:


The Equity Accelerator is designed as a blended learning experience. Each module consists of 3-5 hours of online learning, delivered through Step Up's Learning Dashboard, followed by a 2-hour live virtual session where participants put their learning into practice, applying the concepts and tools from the Learning Dashboard to their real team/organizational environment.

Identify and develop individual and collective strengths, values, competencies, and knowledge critical to advise, assist, coach and lead your organization through the equity, inclusion, and diversity transformation journey.


Finding Your Superpower

During this module, participants will build cohesion within their team and leverage the power of emotional intelligence to build confidence to lead and act.


Theory of Change

Dive into Step Up's approach to Recognize, Own, and Disrupt individual and organizational biases to foster an equitable and inclusive environment.


Culture of Change

Explore the cultural side - both visible and unspoken - of instituting change within your organization. Create alignment on the behaviors that need to be cultivated to be more equitable.


Authentically Transforming the Narrative

Learn to get in front of the narrative to build buy-in and momentum to support DEI initiatives by centering non-dominant voices and creating a case for mutual benefit.


Facilitating + Coaching Through Change

As a leader you will find yourself facilitating, coaching, and teaching within your organization. Learn when to deploy each individually or collectively.