Yo Soy - Investing In Latinx Talent

October 16, 2020

Throughout the study, LPA members were invited to participate in a series of discussions about uncovered themes to gain a greater understanding of what has worked for them and what ideas they may have to improve the Latinx experience in the workplace.

In the concluding event of the 2020 Yo Soy series, Andrés T. Tapia shares a heartwarming and inspiring presentation on what it means to truly be "Auténtico" and the importance of embracing inclusive leadership in our organizations. As a Peruvian Latinx, he draws on the wisdom and insight of his rich bilingual/bicultural experiences and how it has strengthened his personal and professional life. Additionally, four LPA board members share their unique perspectives on education and careers. Norma Gallegos Valles, Rodrigo Valdivia, Mathias Lemos Castillo, and Tania Ibarra offer an honest discourse that provides depth and support to the study's findings.