Announcing New Leadership

October 9, 2019

Step Up: Equity Matters is excited to announce new leadership and structure. After 5 years of operating on a primarily volunteer basis under nonprofit umbrellas, we are officially launching as a Wisconsin LLC. At the helm of this new venture are Carolina Bailey, PhD, Tania Ibarra, CPA, Lisa Peyton-Caire, MS.Ed, and Amy Kesling. See our People page for bios of the ownership group.

As a women- and minority-led company, Step Up will continue to work with change-makers to promote workplace equity, inclusion, and diversity. We are expanding our public workshops and implementing new and deeper ways to engage  with organizations, including customizable organizational equity assessments, leadership and executive coaching, change management, and holistic training programs. We’ll also be kicking off a train-the-trainer program to bring in more facilitators and allow organizations to license our curriculum for internal use. Our current network of facilitators, including Gregg Potter, Faustina Bohling, and co-founder Sara Alvarado, will continue as facilitators and  provide their unique perspectives, knowledge, and skills while delivering Step Up workshops.

Step Up: Equity Matters was cofounded in 2014 by a collaborative team of people representing corporate, nonprofit, and small businesses. Since that time, the team has grown and evolved while remaining true to our original goal of advancing workplace equity. Pictured left are cofounders (left to right) Amy Kesling, Haywood Simmons, Tania Ibarra, and Sara Alvarado.